Ideal Staffing Software Interface for Maximum Productivity

We recently released an updated interface for Adapt in the US staffing markets. Not only was the interface designed for a more modern feel, but it also improves user experiences by increasing streamlined workflows and making it easier for users to be productive. Recruiters and sales team members are able find talent and manage sales opportunities faster than ever. To make enhancements to ATS systems for maximizing productivity and update the interface, recruitment technology providers have a lot to consider. Learn how our product team researched, developed and delivered updated staffing technology systems to make recruiting organizations more profitable—

Research usability

It was important to have a modern, sleek look and feel to the recruitment software systems, but the priority was to ensure users could maximize efficiency and focus on revenue generating activities. Numerous users and stakeholders provided feedback and a team of third-party usability experts were consulted. The outside team that specialized in software usability were trained on our older recruitment software system so they could understand how recruiters were using the system in addition to shadowing users and getting direct feedback from clients.

A large part of our research outcome was around streamlining the system and laying out the screens in the right ways. Those principles were applied throughout the design of our flagship products. Everything from calendar, journal and record displays to system navigation and notifications; all of those areas have been re-designed to reduce the number of clicks and present the information in the most intuitive ways. Careful consideration was given around the screen layouts and navigating through the system, especially as the eye scans around the screen to easily absorb the data.

Keep users organized and efficient

The Adapt tasks and calendar management system is fully integrated with the workflow system and visible to users through integrated calendar and task views. Everything is updated in real-time for better organization to maximize productivity and provide visibility into personal workloads. The notification icons in the Adapt header bar allows users to instantly see how many appointments are scheduled for the day and how many outstanding tasks need attention, all updated in real time. A single click, wherever you are in the system, displays any new appointments or any new tasks that have been allocated to you in addition to pop-up notification messages which fade in over the Adapt user interface, giving users a helpful visual cue.

Incorporate an intuitive navigation

The main goal in the updated product design was increasing speed and making the system more intuitive. Not just faster from a technical perspective, but for the recruiter’s whole experience. When looking at a candidate record the first screen contains all needed information at a glance. The user does not have to navigate away and look at other screens, making it faster and easier for recruiters to work with candidates. The same is true of company, job and contact records, the first screens present all the information users need with embedded documents viewable through scrollable windows. Those kinds of changes reduce the amount of traffic sent online and make the application itself more responsive. Keeping revenue-generating tasks quick help team members increase productivity and profitability.

Another navigation enhancement to reduce clicks are fly out menus. For example, if you hover over a LinkedIn URL a fly-out to the main LinkedIn page pops-up, so you can actually see the profile right there without further clicks or manual steps. The same is true for other aspects of the system, if you hover over someone’s name or a company name a fly-out will appear so you can quickly see the information, move away and the fly-out disappears. No need to click through multiple windows, this navigation design keeps processes fast and easy.

Enhanced technical speed

Speed is important because most of the activity performed by recruiters and sales team members is very time-bound. Streamlining the whole process to increase sales volume and enable recruiters to identify the right candidates and put them forward as quickly as possible is key. From a system perspective we’ve done a number of things. We operate a number of tools throughout the life cycle of our solutions, including our historic solutions, to enable us to fully understand which elements of the software are working efficiently and which are working less efficiently than they should. We use these tools to see if any inefficiency we may find is due to our infrastructure. It might be as simple as adding more memory is needed, or the actual code might need to be factored. With Adapt, we’ve refactored some areas of code which means, under the hood, the system is faster and more efficient.

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7 Tips for Improving Staffing Client Retention

When speaking to our customers, conversations around driving operational excellence all come from the same motivational reason – better servicing the clients of a staffing and recruiting agency. The staffing industry is a competitive field for finding and placing qualified talent and for obtaining and keeping new clients. Businesses are always looking for the best option among staffing vendors, which creates a lot of pressure to constantly work toward customer satisfaction. There is an overwhelming amount of information on the subject of client retention, but generally speaking most sources conclude that retention is more profitable than constantly finding new business.

Some staffing managers make the wrong assumption that competitors are at a disadvantage stealing away customers without in-depth knowledge of the client’s unique business needs. However, some clients still choose to try other agencies hoping for better services despite having long-standing relationships with their staffing vendors. To avoid these scenarios, it’s important to incorporate the following seven client retention tips for better profitability and remaining the best option for a staffing agency among competitors—

1. Connect

Salespeople often have plans and strategies in place to connect with prospects, but what about after a sale has been made? Reaching out on a regular basis through birthday and holiday cards, invitations for lunch, or sending an email to simply stay in touch indicates to clients that they are considered more than just dollar signs to a recruiting agency. By constantly focusing on relationship management with clients in addition to delivering quality candidates, your staffing agency will be set up to be the top choice vendor for providing talent. Because businesses select staffing and recruiting firms who respect and remember them, ensure your entire organization knows how to show how much they appreciate the business of clients.

2. Walk the Walk

Success is often measured by delivery of promises made. Staffing sales professionals should avoid setting unrealistic expectations when speaking to prospects, but in doing so must work closely with recruiters to determine reasonable recruiting strategies to pitch to potential clients. Ensuring that sales people are aware of talent pipelines and that recruiters are aware of promised being made to prospects avoids unpleasant conversations to clients about not being able to deliver what they were expecting. A broken promise can easily overshadow excellent service.

3. Listen

It is imperative recruiters have a thorough understanding of the job they are recruiting for that isn’t listed on a job description. By learning the client’s culture and the soft skills needed for job orders, clients will appreciate the effort and commitment made to provide not just needed skills for the job, but also personality traits that fit in well within the organization.

4. Specialize

Know your organization’s recruiting and staffing strengths and help your team further their expertise to become unstoppable in their specialized market sectors. A thorough training program for your recruiting team that guides them to becoming experts in their niche will strengthen your agency’s reputation as the best staffing vendor for your specialized recruitment efforts. Avoid diving head first into markets your team lacks experience in. Without the needed strategy and right resources, it may cause operational hiccups that your current clients ultimately suffer the most from. Calculate your risks when looking to grow and diversify your staffing business. If the risk that you could alienate existing clients is high then consider alternative strategies.

5. Ensure Clients are Given What They Ask For

Sending a stream of weak candidate submittals for a difficult job order can be tempting for some recruiters who hope that something is better than nothing. However, submitting weak or unqualified candidates will cause more harm than good for client relationships. Touch base with your recruiters and ask them which job order is going to be their toughest to fill to see how you can assist. Unless you ask where recruitment challenges are, you may not know that a recruiter’s misinterpretation of the opportunity could potentially damage the reputation of your staffing firm.  

6. Extensive Training

Training new sales reps can be time consuming and expensive, but avoid letting them learn by their mistakes at the clients’ expense. Providing extensive training, mentoring and backup support prevents internal staff turnover and helps inspire enthusiasm as they grow into their position confidently to help improve and maintain client relationships.

7. Automate

Powerful recruiting software like Adapt help staffing sales team close deals efficiently and allows for recruiters to fill jobs faster and more effectively. Your clients won’t really know that automation is the difference between your team and your competitors, but they’ll feel the difference.

While it’s important to be growing your company through onboarding new clients, remember how easy and cost effective it is to retain existing clients. Invest in retention. Make sure your clients know they are important, appreciated, and are utilizing a staffing agency with the best operational practices.

15 Ways to Improve Staffing & Recruiting Data Quality

The more confidence we have in the data that we use to guide our business decisions, the faster we can make good, well-informed decisions. Managers may have a deep appreciation for performance data, but few are in a position where they have complete confidence in the numbers. For those plagued with data quality issues, the desire for data-driven management can sound like an unobtainable state of nirvana. Read more