White Paper – Innovantage Brexit Barometer

Innovantage, analytics provider in the talent ecosystem, has joined forces with other Symphony Technology Group companies, Bond International Software and TempBuddy, to assess the implications of Brexit on the recruitment sector.

Published bi-monthly, the Innovantage Brexit Barometer will track shifts in hiring demand, providing both employers and recruitment organisations with essential insight into the way Brexit negotiations are affecting employment trends.

As the UK embarks on the process of negotiating Brexit terms with the EU, the first Innovantage Brexit Barometer, published in June and available to download now, reveals industry sectors with a high dependency on EU nationals are already experiencing recruitment challenges with demand. The volume of online job adverts has increased by more than 100% in two years for some vacancies, indicating roles are becoming harder to fill.

Key findings of the first Innovantage Brexit Barometer include:

  • Demand for bar/waiting staff is up 107% over two years ago impacting the hospitality sector
  • Data from the Royal College of Nursing reveals around 40,000 unfilled vacancies in May 2017, while demand for care workers (42% increase) to GPs (32% increase) and nurses (30% increase) underlining the health sector’s traditional reliance on EU nationals
  • Education providers are also struggling to recruit – demand is up 51% for lecturers and 49% for teachers

Download the Brexit Barometer June 2017