Employer Branding: It’s Not All About the Free Lunches (unless you’re Google!) 

When did staff perks become part of employer branding? Back in the day (20 years+ ago), adverts in the Sunday Times read “competitive salary, healthcare insurance, usual benefits”. Were people excited by BUPA, a company car and a non-contributory pension? I don’t know, but they certainly expected them from any blue chip. These days it’s all fußball tables, fruit bowls, beer fridges, and if you’re lucky a free lunch.

For many years “perks” have been seen as a way of attracting talent becoming ingrained in the employee brand. However, reading this recent research around the Future of Work it appears it’s not actually what people want. Instead workers are calling for you to invest in the latest and most relevant technology and promote this via your employee brand.

81% of US office workers say that state of the art technology (software, machines and devices) is important at work – outranking food and beverages (although 72% of people still want those perks too), office design and on-site amenities (is that the fußball?).

Technology enhances skills and employability, should make working easier and gives people the freedom to work where and when they want improving their work-life balance. As well as helping companies attract employees, there’s a knock-on effect on staff retention too.

The latest recruitment industry snapshot from BDO cites that the biggest barrier to growth for over 50% of recruitment companies is attracting and retaining quality people. In the UK only 15% of office workers believe their primary working environment is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Could investing in new technology and tools be the silver bullet to help you attract and retain staff in your own recruitment business?

The additional upside is access to the best tech will improve staff productivity which in turn increases business profitability. Of course it also helps your recruiters earn more bonus. This I would say is the perfect virtuous circle.

(Previously published at the UK Recruiter website)

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