Multi-award winning contingent
workforce management solution.

By simplifying and automating the entire recruitment process TempBuddy adds value
for all stakeholders, removes many time-consuming admin tasks, improves
productivity and revenues, whilst reducing operational costs.

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How fast is fast enough?

Imagine being able to tap into top talent to meet your immediate needs by knowing which of your best-rated, skilled and compliant workers are ready for work.
TempBuddy delivers instant notifications about candidates’ availability. Stress-free sourcing with real-time data and visibility like never before.

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When you know better,
you do better.

Through the TempBuddy app workers let your recruiters know when they can work each and every week. With advance knowledge of their exact working preferences the rostering process becomes a piece of cake, making ring-arounds and calling lists a thing of the past.

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Software Benefit

TempBuddy frees 12 hours of the working week
for more fee-generating activity.


Secure the talent
you need.

A simple search in our database is all it takes to find and deploy the best candidates according to their performance, skills and industry or legislative compliance.
Workers’ proven track records are evidenced through our 360° ratings system giving you information on who your hiring managers would like to have working for them again. With improved customer satisfaction all round you’ll enjoy repeat business and candidate loyalty.

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Sure-fire recruitment.

Be in the know with GPS technology that allows you to locate the whereabouts of your workforce. TempBuddy provides you with immediate information, enabling you to respond proactively to any potential issue. No more unpleasant surprises and maximum productivity.

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Time flies, and now you’re the pilot.

The TempBuddy app automatically records a person’s working hours depending on when they’ve checked in and out of their assignments digitally. Time theft is eradicated and employees and line managers are no longer bothered by paper timesheets.

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Overpay, solved.

Mobile time and attendance capture ensures billing generation
is done in seconds. Pay your employees accurately and error-free.

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«Our overall experience with TempBuddy has been great.
Clients have embraced it and it saves a lot of time for us.»

Peter Hughes, Managing Director

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