The Changing World of Recruitment Technology: Insights from the UK Recruiter’s Tech event 

We hope you enjoyed last week’s UK Recruiter’s Tech event as much as we did. It was certainly a well attended event, with standing room only at the back of the room.

The live pitches always provide a fast-paced and energetic session, giving insights to what recruitment technology is out there in the market place. Watch again for a reminder as to how TempBuddy’s reimagining the world of contingent work with real-time availability powered through a mobile worker app.

To complement the tech overviews two of the leading digital recruitment industry shapers LinkedIn and Glassdoor shared their vision on industry trends. Rebecca Drew of LI spoke about the importance of employer brand aligned to company vision to talk to people’s increasingly value driven career choices. With the widespread adoption of mobile and cloud technologies, we’re “always on”. Recruiters can make data-based decisions, measure what works and fundamentally act like marketers.

Jo Murphy of Glassdoor was on the same page describing the “transparency revolution” that’s taking place with peer-to-peer reviews of employer brands. No longer are marketing exclusively in control of how a brand is perceived. With newspapers 8 hours out of date, we consume news via social media feeds in our 24/7 connected world. Jobseekers behave like consumers: job seekers use on average 18 sources and look at 8 reviews before applying for a job. Today candidates rely on both peer and employer insights. An amazing 69% said they would not take a job with a company with a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed! The message was embrace transparency.

At TempBuddy we recognise and embody these trends. Our mobile app-driven software is designed with 360 degree ratings as an integral part of the technology, allowing workers to rate employers and vice versa. If you didn’t get a chance to catch up with the guys in the pink T-shirts, register now for an on-line demo of our contingent workforce software.

We look forward to seeing you at the next UK Recruiter Tech event. We’re sure to have some more exciting product updates ready for launch by then!

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